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A look at the June 2012 Derecho

Gust Front taken by the author on Maple Ave in Fairborn.

Friday’s derecho impacted almost everyone in some way in the Miami Valley. Whether losing power, having to clean up fallen branches and trees or even just hosting those who had no power, it was hard to find someone whose weekend was “the usual”. So how did the derecho form and why was it so powerful? Let’s take a look at this beast of a storm system.

Windy Thursday

It will be a windy Thursday for Dayton and the Miami Valley, with sustained winds of 15-25 MPH and gusts up to 40 MPH. Combining the wind, rain and lack of sunlight will make for a miserable, cold feeling day for most of Ohio. While it will be uncomfortably windy, we won’t approach the winds that Chicago has experienced. Gusts up to 60 MPH along the lakeshore have been recorded overnight.