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Why are we heading for cold? Blame a Typhoon!


We are moving headlong into our 1st cold run of the fall…and the culprit began as a Typhoon in the Western Pacific!

How to avoid putting stolen pics on the air


This post is somewhat outside my realm since I’m not a TV meteorologist or producer. However, I continue to see TV stations get hoodwinked during every severe outbreak, on TV and on their internet sites. Instant technology like Twitter and Facebook makes for great verification of severe weather live out in the field. There’s nothing like watching pictures streaming in from storm chasers and viewers in real time! However, people desperate for attention or who like to troll TV stations use this to their advantage as well.

What caused those beautiful clouds today?

Beautiful clouds rolled through the Miami valley this afternoon. These clouds were spotted in Dayton and Springfield. I happened to catch them at work in Springfield thanks to some co-workers who gave me a heads-up. How they formed and more pictures ahead.

Introducing Miami Valley Weather!

Welcome to Miami Valley Weather, a new website dedicated to news and analysis of weather in the Miami Valley of Ohio. Daily (hopefully) posts will begin next week after I build out this site.